Guaranteed 100% Grass Fed Beef

Welcome to Zottelhof Farm

Our farm... located just outside the town of Uxbridge,

also known for its many hiking trails.  We are

about a 45 min. drive from Toronto,

surrounded by farmland and woods.

    Situated on a high point overlooking the

valley of the Uxbridge Brook with a beautiful

view of the  "Highlands" of Durham Region. 

Our Philosophy

 We want our animals to live in the
most species appropriate and
environmentally sustainable way
  We ensure that they get to
enjoy natural and stress free
We allow our calves to stay with their
mothers their whole lives and let the
herd live in unity and comfort.  

How it all began...

Our Story started with the desire to bring up our children eating the healthiest meat available.  After having looked into the subject we came to the conclusion that 100% grass fed beef would be the best choice for us (and the animals).  Since we had the necessary acreage  to ensure our beef would be 100% grass fed, we decided to raise our own.  The Scottish Highland Cattle breed became our choice due to its many positive characteristics.  After finding an excellent registered breeder, we purchased two cows and one calf.  
   But this was many years ago and much has changed . What has not changed is our love for the animals and the commitment to raise them the most natural way possible.  And so, our herd grew.  

The Animals...

are all 100% pure pedigree Scottish Highland cattle and  live in an idyllic setting outside year around (with shelter). Highland's are a slow maturing breed. Quality takes time.  We do not vaccinate, use growth enhancing hormones or antibiotics.  

The meat...

 is succulent as well as tender.  You just have to taste it ! 
  We are also fortunate to have a very clean and competent government inspected facility nearby.  It is aged on average for 21 days.  Than it is either delivered or cut and vacuum packed to our or your specifications.  


is limited.  We are a small farm and quantity or maximum profitability is not our priority.  Therefore we maintain only a small herd that lives in comfort.  As a result, every year only a small number of animals are available.
Call us with your order and we will do our best to fill it. 

 How do I order ?

You can place an order of individual cuts or place an order of our mixed boxes.
You can order one quarter, one half, or a whole animal, cut and vacuum packed to your specifications.
For restaurants or butchers we also offer uncut quarters or halves. 

How much does it
        cost ? 

By selling directly from our farm we are able to offer lower than in store prices and you will enjoy  healthy premium beef of excellent quality and flavor that, you can rest assured, had a good life.
If you are interested in even  better value, we suggest you order our mixed boxes.  This will reduce your cost per pound.
To find out more information  please contact us  we would love to chat with you. 

More ?

We also offer fresh eggs from our super free range, grain fed chickens. 
On occasion, we have some of these chickens available frozen.
During the summer months we may also have some fresh baked goods, cured meats, and preserves  made on the farm. 

Come and meet the cattle.  Please contact us to make an appointment.

Did you know...

...that the Queen of England keeps Scottish Highland Cattle around Balmoral Castle because she considers them her choice breed for beef.

...Scottish Highland Cattle are the oldest registered breed of cattle, reaching back to 1885.

...that Highland Beef is lower in cholesterol than chicken. 

...that Highland Beef is higher in protein and iron then most others.

...that Highland Beef is higher in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids.

...and of course, being grass fed, has four times as much Beta-carotene and increased levels of Vitamin E.